やすらぎ、香る Relaxing fragrance

Ushijima tea manufacture has started from a tea plantation in Yame in 1921.
"Could many people taste safe and really good tea!"
I go from such feelings to production, manufacturing processing and sale by our company completely with an in-house tea plantation by Ushijima tea manufacture.
With really good tea filled with our feelings, we hope many people would enjoy themselves.




Steamed deeply tea by Ushijima

牛島製茶 × Mixology Salon Ginza 2018 Ushijima tea manufacture × Mixology Salon Ginza 2018
牛島製茶の深蒸し茶美味しい淹れ方 Delicious brewing method of deep-steamed tea from Ushijima tea
つくる人手間 淹れる一手間 The person who creates, one work to be brewed
日本茶AWARD 2017 深蒸し煎茶プラチナ賞 Japanese tea AWARD 2017 deep steamed green tea Platinum Award
八女茶が出来るまで manufacturing process of "Yame-tea"
牛島製茶PV Ushijima's PV

Company shop

Leaf Heart
Japanese cafe
Leaf Heart

Japanese tea cafe directly managed by Ushijima-seicha
                   You can enjoy our sweets with green tea.

お茶を楽しむ Enjoy green tea

お茶のまわりには、お茶を楽しむ道具がたくさんあります。お茶を美味しく淹れる、お茶を楽しく淹れる。日常のお茶の時間をより充実したものにしてくれる名脇役です。 There are lots of tools to enjoy tea around the tea party. Tea is brewed deliciously, and tea is brewed happily. It is a name supporting character that makes us more fulfilling the daily tea time.

for foreigner sites :matchacocoro

It is an overseas brand site specialized in Yame powered by Ushijima tea.
We launched this site from the desire to deliver Matcha, which is more enjoyable and easier to enjoy than many people in the world.
We will deliver Japanese green tea to the world with our hospitality
It is the heart of MATCHACOCORO.

会社概要 Company Profile

〒834-0024 福岡県八女市津江397 
TEL:0943-22-4818 FAX:0943-22-4829
TEL:0120-02-4818 FAX:0120-30-4829
Tsue 397, Yame-City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
TEL: 0943-22-4818 FAX: 0943-22-4829
Inquiries / orders about tea TEL: 0120-02-4818 FAX: 0120-30-4829

牛島製茶の歩み History
大正十年 初代定次郎、手揉み製法にてお茶作り始める
昭和八年 製茶工場として機械化し、一貫体制となる
昭和五十年 新工場落成。衛生的な工場、新しい設備でよりよいお茶の製造が可能になる。お茶の小売りを始める。
昭和六十三年 株式会社牛島製茶設立
平成五年 新店舗開店
平成八年 支店としてJR羽犬塚店開店
平成十二年 新店舗並びに作業場等完成
平成十八年 牛島製茶けやき通り店開店
平成二十三年 牛島製茶JR久留米駅店開店
平成二十四年 お茶の仕上げ加工、袋詰めを行う第二工場落成 第一工場(荒茶工場)新ライン増設
平成二十八年 筑後けやき通り店 和cafe Leaf Heart 増席リニューアルオープン
平成二十九年 筑後けやき通り店 物販カフェリニューアルオープン
Taisho 10 years Deguchiro started making tea in hand kneading recipe
Showa Eighth Year It becomes mechanized as a tea factory, and it becomes an integrated system
Showa 50 Years New factory was established. Hygienic factories, new equipment will make better tea production possible. Start retailing tea.
Showa 63 years Establishment of Ushijima-seicha Co., Ltd.
Heisei 5 years New store opening
Heisei 8 years JR Hakubukatsu branch opening as branch
Heisei 12 years New stores and workshops completed
Heisei 18 years Ushijima Tea Keyaki Street Store Opened
Heisei 23 years Ushijima tea opening JR Kurume Station store
Heisei 24 years Finishing of tea, bagging the 2nd factory completed Plant No. 1 factory (Araka factory) Expansion of new line
Heisei 28 years Chikugo-Keyaki street store 'Japanese cafe Leaf Heart' additional renovation opening
Heisei 29 years Chikugo-Keyaki Street Store and Cafe Renewal Opened
自社茶園、自社工場、自社販売 すべての行程に心をこめて、お届けしております We are delivering to our own tea garden, our own factory, our company sales all in full care.
自社茶園  Our tea Farm 八女中央大茶園をはじめとして八女は緑の連なる茶園でいっぱいです。
Yame (including Yame central shrine tea farm) are filled with green continuous tea gardens.
Our tea is what has been nurtured with care in the tea fields of contract farmers and our own tea garden.
自社工場 Our Factory 自社茶畑で摘み取られた茶葉は鮮度をおとさないようにその日のうちに製茶されます。
Tea leaves picked up at their own tea plant are refined in the day so that freshness will not be lost.
Because it is our own factory, it has a distinctive fragrance without disturbing its flavor, it becomes delicious tea.