和cafe Leaf Heart
Japanese cafe Leaf Heart
Chikugo-Keyaki street store

ランチ menu Lunch menu

◎スイーツ>ランチ(ほうじ茶付き1000円 or ドリンクメニューより選択1200円)
Sweets> Lunch (1000 yen with hoji tea or select from drink menu 1200 yen)
                 Weekdays only from 11: 00 to 14: 00
                 It will end as soon as it is lost for quantity limitation.
                 It is a lunch where you can enjoy Matcha sweets like a tea house lunch.                 

あんみつ&ぜんざい menu Anmitsu, Zenzai

■ ぜんざいmenu
Zenzai menu
                 Cream Shiratama Zenzai (750 yen)
                 Coffee Jelly Zenzai (750 yen)
                 Soy Milk White Zenzai (Warm) (650 yen)
                 Cream Shiratama (650 yen)
                 Black Zenzai (Mochi/Shiratama) (730 yen)
                 Matcha Zenzai (750 yen)
                 Chestnut Shiratama Zenzai (750 yen)

■ あんみつmenu
Anmitsu menu
                 Twinkle Anmitsu (750 yen)
                 Anmitsu JOUAN (750 yen)
                 Anmitsu houzi (750 yen)

当店の看板メニュー!八女抹茶わらび餅のあんみつ。 リピーターが多いのも納得の味。 Our finest of the menu! Anmitsu width Yame green tea and Warabimochi. It is also convincing taste that there are many repeaters.

ぜんざいの王道!手間ひまかけた手作りの味は格別。 お餅は白玉にも変更できます。 Basic of Zenzai! The handmade taste which was spared over time is exceptional. Mochi (Rice cake) can also be changed to Shiratama.

苺一会 menu
Pafe, cake and Ichigo-hitoe menu

■ パフェ・ケーキmenu
◎濃恋茶パンケーキ(1000 or 1150円)
Pafe and Cake menu
                 Idorori (950 yen)
                 ginger chiffon cake (limited from October to March) (780 yen)
                 Yame-Matcha Chiffon Cake (780 yen)
                 Yame-Matcha Afghard (920 yen)
                 Yame-Matcha Pafe (780 yen)
                 Yame's Houji Pudding Pafe (880 yen)
                 Mini Pafe (600 yen)
                 Yame-Matcha Pudding Pafe (880 yen)
                 Premium Pafe 'Twelve Grace' (1200 yen)
                 Koikoicha pancake (1000 or 1150 yen)
                 Koicha pancake (900 yen)
                 Yame-Matcha Green Tea Purine Set (730 yen)
                 coffee plate (730 yen)
                 Waso Ice Set (730 yen)

■ 苺一会menu[期間限定:1月中旬〜4月中旬迄]
Ichigo-hitoe menu [Limited time period: Mid January until mid April]
                 Ichigo-hitoe Pafe (900 yen)
                 Ichigo-hitoe Annin-tofu (750 yen)
                 shaved ice of Ichigo-hitoe (900 yen)
                 (Shaved ice is limited for period: mid-June to late September)

何にしようか迷ったら、なんでも食べられる色彩り。和カフェ自慢の和パフェです。アイスに抹茶プリンに、抹茶わらび餅....小さな焼き菓子もついた幸せの詰まった夢のプレートです♪ If you are unsure what to order, IRODORI recommends. It is a Japanese-style cafe boasting Pafe. Ice, Matcha Pudding, Matcha Warabi Mochi .... It is a plate of happiness filled dreams with small baked confectionery.

ふわふわの食感がお子様からご年配の方まで大好き!生地の緑の濃さが抹茶の濃さを物語ります。 Fluffy texture is popular from children to elderly people! The dense green of the fabric tells the depth of Matcha.

自慢の濃い抹茶をたっぷり使用した八女抹茶パフェ。お茶の味を楽しむ甘さ控えめの抹茶アイスや柔らかな抹茶ゼリーも全て八女抹茶を使った手作り。不動の人気商品です! Yame-Matcha Pafe made full use of the boastful dark green tea. Enjoy the taste of tea Sweetness The modest matcha ice cream and soft green tea jelly are handmade using Yame-Matcha tea. It is a popular item immovable!

ほうじ茶のほろ苦さが人気のパフェ。他では味わえない癖になる味わいです。 Popular Pafe is the bittersweet of Hojicha. It is a taste that becomes a habit which can not be tasted elsewhere.

八女高級玉露粉末を贅沢に生地に練り込み一枚一枚手焼きのどらやきの皮を使ったパンケーキ。ふわもちっと新しい食感をお楽しみください! Kneading the luxury Gyokuro of Yame, pancake using the skin of Dorayaki. Please enjoy the new texture freshly!

八女市の生産者が丁寧に作った美味しい朝積み苺を贅沢に使用したパフェ。抹茶との相性も◎ A Pafe made with delicious morning stacking strawberries made carefully by producers of Yame city lavishly. Good compatibility with Matcha.

八女市の生産者が丁寧に作った美味しい朝積み苺を贅沢に使用したトロ〜リ食感の豆乳杏仁 Soft texture soymilk Annin-tofu using luxuriously delicious morning stacking strawberries carefully made by the producer of Yame city.

かき氷&ドリンク menu Shaved ice, drink menu

■ かき氷menu[季節限定:6月中旬〜9月下旬迄]
Shaved ice menu [Seasonal Limited: From mid June to late September]
                 Yame Kintoki (730 yen)
                 A mountain of black honey (800 yen)
                 Tachibana of plum (900 yen)
                 shaved ice of Ichigo-hitoe (900 yen)

■ ドリンクmenu
Drink menu
                 Yame deep steamed tea set (with Japanese sweets) (700 yen)
                 Yame-Matcha green tea set (with Japanese sweets) (700 yen)
                 Yame-Matcha by tea store (500 yen)
                 Orange juice (300 yen)
                 Matcha soymilk latte (hot / cold) (450 yen)
                 Star's Matcha Ore (Warm / Cold) (450 yen)
                 Roasted tea soymilk latte (hot / cold) (450 yen)
                 Star brewery aura (hot and cold) (450 yen)
                 Japanese Coffee (450 yen)
                 Japanese tea * not greentea (450 yen)
                 Coffee ice (450 yen)
                 Ice Tea (450 yen)

贅沢な抹茶使いは、食べたら感激の味!ふわふわの食感は、甘味処ならではの贅沢な味わい。 Luxurious matcha tea, taste inspiring when eating! Fluffy texture is a luxurious flavor unique to sweet taste.

贅沢な気分を味わえる抹茶は、最高品質のものを使用。添えられた和菓子も人気です。 Using the highest quality Matcha, you can enjoy a luxurious feeling. Japanese sweets attached are also popular.

甘さ控えめの抹茶ラテは、ヘルシーな豆乳仕上げ。優しい味に心がほっこりします。 Sweetness Matcha latte of modesty was finished with healthy soy milk. My heart warms with a gentle taste.

Ushijima-seicha Yame head store limited
Ice Cream

■ 本玉露ソフトクリームmenu
Soft Cream menu
                     Gyokuro Soft (350 yen)
                     Mix (300 yen)
                     Vanilla (300 yen)
                     * You can topple the gyokuro powder.

和cafe Leaf Heart Japanese cafe Leaf Heart

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