牛島製茶 見学ツアー Ushijima tea manufacturer tour

【工場見学ルールご予約時の注意点】★必ずご確認ください [Factory tour rules Points to note when making a reservation] ★Please be sure to check

A staff member who is qualified as a Japanese tea instructor/advisor will guide you.
Bookings must be made at least one week in advance to ensure staff availability.
We may not be able to accept reservations for a factory tour within a week from the date of the factory tour.


★It will be a basic [weekday only] guide.
*During the busy season for fresh tea (late April to Golden Week, early to mid-June) On some days, we accept factory tours on weekends.
*Please note that many reservations are required for factory tours during the new tea season. Please call us in advance to check availability before filling out the reservation form.
*Except for the busy season, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the Obon period (13th to 17th), and the year-end and New Year holidays (29th to 10th) We will be closed for the factory tour.

【工場見学のご案内時間】 [Factory tour rules Points to note when making a reservation] ★Please be sure to check


同じ時間帯に、2組以上のお客様をご案内する場合もございます。 時間に遅れますと、他のご予約のお客様のご迷惑になりますので、時間厳守にてお願いいたします。
[Information time for factory tour]
Factory tour guidance time is basically twice a day, starting at 10:00 and 14:00.
*From June to September, the temperature inside the factory will be high, so we will be doing it "once a day from 10:00".

We may guide more than 2 groups of customers at the same time.
If you are late, it will be a nuisance to other customers with reservations, so please be punctual.

【八女茶の工場見学の当日の集合場所】 [Factory tour rules Points to note when making a reservation] ★Please be sure to check

福岡県八女市津江405-4 牛島製茶 八女本店
[Meeting place on the day of the Yame tea factory tour]
Ushijima Seicha Yame Main Branch, 405-4 Tsue, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Please meet at the local meeting.

Please tell the staff the name of the reservation when you visit the Yame main store.

【季節毎の工場見学の注意点】 [Factory tour rules Points to note when making a reservation] ★Please be sure to check


[Notes on seasonal factory tours]
Except for the busy season for new tea (late April to Golden Week, early to mid-June), the first factory (unrefined tea factory) does not produce fresh tea. You can see the machine stopped.

From June to September, both the outside temperature and the temperature inside the factory become high.
During the factory tour, you will walk through 2 factories and 1 tea plantation, so please be sure to take measures against heatstroke before participating.
The factory tour may be canceled when a high temperature warning is issued.

In case of rain forecast, please prepare an umbrella or raincoat. We do not have umbrellas at our store.
In case of thunder or typhoon, the factory tour will be canceled.
From December to February, the temperature inside the factory will be low. Please take measures against the cold and participate.

【工場見学ルートに関して】 [About the factory tour route]


①八女本店 → 第一工場(荒茶工場) → 第二工場(仕上げ工場)→ 茶畑 → 八女本店 【約 50分~60分ルート】
②八女本店 → 茶畑 → 第二工場 → 八女本店 【約30分ルート】

10名未満の場合は、大人500円 小学生まで300円(税込)
※お土産として、八女茶の一煎パックor 八女茶ソフトクリームミニのどちらかを人数分提供いたします。



③八女本店 → 第一工場(荒茶工場) → 第二工場(仕上げ工場)→ 茶畑 → 八女本店にてお茶飲み比べ5種 【約90分ルート】

大人3,000円 小学生まで1,000円(税込)
※お土産として、八女茶の一煎パックor 八女茶ソフトクリームミニのどちらかを人数分提供いたします。
There are three patterns for the factory tour route.
Please let us know your desired route when confirming the phone number.
Times vary for each route.
Basic route ① It will be a factory tour that goes around on foot for 50 to 60 minutes.
Short route ② is also available according to your schedule.
[About fees]
Basic route①
Regarding the price of basic route ②
For less than 10 people, 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for elementary school students and under (tax included)
For 10 or more people, flat rate 300 yen (tax included)
*As a souvenir, we will provide either a pack of Yame tea or a mini Yame tea soft serve ice cream for each person.
Yame Main Store → 1st Factory (Rough Tea Factory) → 2nd Factory (Finishing Factory) → Tea Plantation → Yame Main Store [Approx. 50-60 minute route]

Yame Main Store → Tea Plantation → Second Factory → Yame Main Store [Approx. 30 minute route]

▼There is also a plan where you can enjoy Yame tea tasting and a factory tour at the same time.▼

Yame Tea Drinking Comparison Factory Tour Paid Route (minimum 2 to maximum 5 people)
We will be serving 5 types of Yame tea at the counter seats at the Yame main store.

③ Yame Main Store → 1st factory (raw tea factory) → 2nd factory (finishing factory) → Tea plantation → Compare 5 types of tea at Yame Main Store [Approx. 90 minute route]
[About fees]
3,000 yen for adults, 1,000 yen for elementary school students (tax included)
*As a souvenir, we will provide either a pack of Yame tea or a mini Yame tea soft serve ice cream for each person.
【工場見学ご案内人数について】 [About the number of factory tour guides]

Groups of 20 or more will be divided into two groups for the factory tour.
We do not accept groups of 35 or more people on one bus.

【工場見学ご案内時の服装など】 [Clothing for factory tours, etc]

At the second factory (finishing factory), please change into slippers (free rental from our company), a simple hat (free from our company), put on a roller and wear hygienic clothes.
In the factory, fine tea powder is flying and may adhere to the tea powder.
Please arrange your own clothes.

【工場内の撮影について】 [About shooting in the factory]

当店は、八女茶のすべての工程をみていただけるように工場内の撮影は、自由とさせていただいておりますが、機械に近づいての撮影はご遠慮いただいております。 In our shop, you are free to take pictures inside the factory so that you can see all the processes of Yame tea, but please refrain from taking pictures near the machines.

【工場見学ご予約の流れ】 [Factory tour reservation flow]


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